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Current issue

Volume 6 (2019)

Full Volume 6

All articles will soon be available online at Apollo, the Cambridge University Repository. 

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Journal Cover

Cover design by Giovanna Lucci

Table of contents


Elizabeth Killen 11


Embodied meaning making: A case study investigating the use of gesture in the responses of year 1 children to a wordless picturebook
Samantha Jayne Hulston 13-33
Does ‘WOW’ translate to an ‘A’? Exploring the effects of virtual reality assisted multimodal text on Chinese Grade 8 EFL learners’ reading comprehension PDF
Yudan Su 34-49

The Nexus of Language and Culture: A Review of Literature on Intercultural Communicative Competence in Foreign Language Education
Meng Liu 50-65
An exploratory study on perspectives of Vietnamese experienced teachers and student teachers toward teachers’ code-switching PDF
Nhung Cam Nguyen & Duy Van Vu 66-79
Between Idealism and Realism: Critical Peace Education in Divided Post-Conflict Contexts PDF
Basma Hajir 80-96
Literature Review on Issues Surrounding GCSE Textiles Courses in English Secondary Schools PDF
Olexandra M. Solomka 97-109
Rethinking the Significance of Creative Writing: A Neglected Art Form behind the Language Learning Curriculum PDF
Lu Wang 110-122
Early childhood education in India: A possible investment in better outcomes? A quantitative analysis using Young Lives India PDF
Sabilah Eboo Alwani 123-150
How to avoid ‘Christmas Tree’ innovations: introducing and sustaining the use of learning platforms in schools. PDF
Sue Chatterton 151-164
To mix or not to mix: A critical review of literature on mixed-age groups in primary schools PDF
Zoe Cronin 165-179
Understanding Education and Understanding Yourself as a Refugee Learner Seeking Access to Higher Education in Malaysia: Insights from a Pilot Study PDF
Jonathan Joseph Birtwell 180-194
Becoming a leader? A narrative inquiry into the leadership practice of an English Language Centre Administrator of a higher education institution in Hong Kong PDF
Anora Yu 195-210
A hole in my stocking: Disrupting power through play in the Kickstarter Creative Arts project PDF
Alison Green 211-223