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Volume 8 | October 2021

In 2021, CERJ editorial efforts and CERJ author contributions converge on the common theme of equity, yet each from unique angles and with diverse approaches – from promoting greater openness in the editorial process to shedding light on equity issues through research. Some of these efforts echo the voices in the public discourse, be it justice or inclusion; Others, on the other hand, touch upon equally important elements that complement and expand the public discourse, be it power or openness and transparency. We feel grateful to have taken on this journey together with the graduate community and we are proud to reveal to CERJ readers the high quality content of this volume. The concordance between CERJ and the graduate community on issues of equity is particularly gratifying to us. Such unplanned yet concerted efforts towards greater equity from both the editorial team and the authors, while echoing and complementing the public discourse on equity, is what makes this volume particularly precious.

― adapted from Volume 8 Editorial by Meng Liu



Towards a more equitable future: CERJ efforts to advance equity in a post-pandemic era PDF
Meng Liu


Dialogues of fisherwomen in Amazonian costal communities - outcomes of a financial literacy education programme PDF
Raquel Scarpa-Gebara, Jonas Batista
England is blue and China is red: a case study of two Chinese adolescents’ expression of linguistic identity through the construction of English as a second language (ESL) poetry PDF
Olivia Anne Halsall
Age-related changes in sustained attention for older children from high poverty communities in the USA PDF
Yufei Cai, Maria Tsapali, Zewelanji Serpell, Teresa Parr, Michelle R. Ellefson 36-51
Teachers’ perceptions of cyberbullying: a comparative multilevel modeling approach PDF
Peter Hurtubise 52-62


Can "Theory of Mind" be taught in school? PDF
Claudia Pik-Ki Chu 63-79
The importance of verbal language in the development of social understanding in autistic children PDF
Kyleigh Marie Kai-Li Melville 80-93


Infusing hope in L2 writing strategy instruction research PDF
Yuchen Zong 94-104
Touching collage: examining haptic potential in arts-based research through the lens of "Lucy's Picture" PDF
Lily Stone 105-115