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Our review processes

Peer review

Articles submitted to the journal will undergo a multi-tiered review process.


Submitted papers will first undergo a pre-selection process based on general quality and technical compliance to CERJ’s submission requirements. Authors will be given the opportunity to correct any deficiencies and re-submit.

Peer review

This first review stage is a double-blind, peer-review procedure, where two or more Review Panel members will review a paper and notify the Editor whether they feel it is eligible to move on to the second review stage. Authors will be given the opportunity to make changes before re-submission to the second review stage.

Peer reviewer registration

The CERJ peer review process is conducted by at least two reviewers for each article. This includes a number of both academic and student volunteers from all over the world, who review and/or edit two to three articles per academic year. 

Applications for peer-reviewers will open soon.  

We welcome peer reviewers from institutions all over the world, particularly encouraging applications from those who are undertaking or have recently completed research in education, as well as experienced reviewers. There will be one round of peer-review during the review process and we require all reviewers to receive a mandatory training session.