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About CERJ

CERJ is an online journal for higher-degree students to share their on-going or completed work with peers and the wider academic community.

CERJ’s aims

  • Create a forum for students to share their work with peers, academic and professional communities, and the public.
  • Provide students with opportunities to receive feedback about their work, as well as network other students and experts in the field.
  • Encourage accountability and transparency in academic publishing.
  • Support the development of students in educational research.

CERJ’s focus and scope

  • CERJ publishes articles that focus on research by higher degree students that is either on-going or completed. Submissions from higher-degree students are particularly encouraged but researchers at all career levels are free to author or co-author submissions (CERJ adopts CRediT authorship taxonomy, please check out our policies for more details).

  • The scope of articles that are published is broad, including short research notes to final reports that bear relevance to students’ research and the field of education.

Publication frequency

CERJ produces one publication per academic year.


This journal charges no fees for article submission, processing or publication.