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Vol 5 (2018)

Full Volume 5

All articles are also available online at Apollo, the Cambridge University Repository. 

Journal Cover

Cover design by Georgios Spyridon Athanasopoulos

Table of contents


Celebrating 5 years of CORERJ
Maria Tsapali & Tanya M. Paes 2-3


Assessing formal written ability in Mathematics
Nikesh Solanki 4-27
Are native English-speaking teachers more qualified? A Critical Review of Blum and Johnson’s (2012) Article ‘Reading Repression: Textualizing the Linguistic Marginalization of Non-native English-Speaking Teachers in Arizona’ PDF
Danyang Zhang 28-35
Learning Beyond School in Mentoring for Leadership development of middle managers in Singapore primary schools
Choong Pek Lan 36-48
Evidence that low self-worth could be linked to anger and aggression in children with ASD PDF
Philip Gerard 49-62
What are the benefits of extended writing in mathematics education? PDF
Nikesh Solanki 63-71
Trainee teachers’ views on democratic citizenship education: The cases of the PGCE and Teach First PDF
C.J. Rauch 72-86
A Vygotskyan sociocultural perspective on the role of L1 in target language learning PDF
Wing Wu 87-103

Special Paper

Social media for Academics and Early Career Researchers: An Interview with Dr Mark Carrigan PDF
Maria Tsapali & Tanya M. Paes 104-110

C.J. Rauch presents his CORERJ Vol5 paper