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Vol 3 (2016)

You can also find the entire volume online at the University of Cambridge Apollo Respository here.

Table of contents


Forwarding the Vision PDF
Siddharth Pandey i-ii

Critical review

The Need for an Application of Dual-Process Theory to Mathematics Education PDF
Alexander Borodin 1-31

Kaleidoscope Conference 2015 papers

Understanding Attitudes Towards Mathematics (ATM) using a Multimodal Model: An Exploratory Case Study with Secondary School Children in England PDF
Farhat Syyeda 32-62
Torn Between Expectations and Imagination: Alternative Forms of Communicating Education Research PDF
Yanyue Yuan & James Underwood 63-77
Negotiating the Incorporation of Multimodal Materials in Literacy Learning: Some Observations in One Secondary School in Uganda PDF
Rebecca Nambi 78-97

Research notes (including those based on Kaleidoscope presentations)

Examing Services Available to Greek Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) PDF
Eirini Veroni 98-110
Alternative Approaches to Behaviour Management in Schools: An Exploration of Senior School Leaders' Experiences, Beliefs and Perceptions of Interventionist Behaviour Management Systems
Laura Oxley 111-115
Glocalization as it Affects East African Female Youth Transitioning out of a Catholic Boarding School in Uganda
Jacqueline Gallo 116-122
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