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Vol 2 (2015)

You can also download the full volume from the University of Cambridge Apollo Repository here.

Table of contents


The Journey Continues: Where We Are and Where We Plan To Go
Megan D. Walberg i-iii

Critical reviews

Communication Strategies as Forms of Mediation: Toward a Sociocultural Approach to Language Learning
Sin-Yi Chang 1-16
Making Sense of Special Schools from Sociological Perspectives PDF
Xiao Qu 17-36
Human Mind is Mediated - A Comparative Analysis of Two L2 Studies PDF
Mingfei Xu 37-54

Research papers 

Marginalisation and the Voices of Gypsy/Traveller Girls
Geetha Marcus 55-77
Understanding Special School Provision for Children with Severe Learning Difficulties in Relation to Inclusive Education
Xiao Qu 78-98

Kaleidoscope Conference 2014 papers 

Practical Criticism in English Literature Studies and the Transition to University: Developing Crafty or Creative Readers? PDF
Scott Annett 99-117
A Curriculum of Contradictions: State-Sponsored Children's Literature in Egypt (1954-2011) PDF
Dina Elabd 118-138
Expanding the Horizons of the Referentiality Approach PDF
Iryna Kushnir 139-153
Some Intercultural Implications of ASEAN and Thai Educational Policies for Thai Higher Education
Sutraphorn Tantiniranat 154-165
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