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Vol 1, No 1 (2014)

You can also access all of these papers at the University of Cambridge Apollo Repository here.

Table of contents


Building a Global Community in Educational Research Through Open-Review PDF
Megan D. Walberg i-iii

Critical reviews

The ‘Reluctant State’: ‘Academic Technologies’ in Stephen Ball’s Policy Sociology PDF
Kenichi Udagawa 1-18
Human Rights Education in Osler and Starkey: From Analytic Framework to Object of Analysis PDF
Francisco Lewis 19-39

Kaleidoscope Conference 2013 (10th anniversary) papers 

From Ears to Experience: Insights into Living with Long-Term Glue Ear PDF
Carmel Capewell 40-58
The Bologna Process as a Policy Transfer Issue PDF
Iryna Kushnir 59-73
Can Psycholinguistics Inform Second Language Learning? Educational Implications Arising from the Shared Asymmetrical Model PDF
Agnieszka Ewa Tytus 74-87
Turning Friends into Research Participants: Rationale, Possibilities and Challenges
Yanyue Yuan 88-104

Research notes

The Potential Benefits of Using Film as Part of Literacy Lessons- An Introduction to the Bradford City of Film Media Literacy Scheme and PhD PDF
Franziska Florack 105-110
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